My pregnancy body…

So I’ve been reading a lot lately about how women feel about their ‘post-baby bodies’. I think it’s because the sun is out -sometimes-  and the shorts/skirt/dresses are out a little more.

So I’m 36 weeks pregnant with #3 and I wanted to talk about my pregnancy body. I don’t feel like a lot of women talk about it. We’re supposed to be happy and confident with our bodies, we’re supposed to want to show our bodies and bumps off, we’re supposed to love our pregnancy bodies. I don’t.

I Just Don’t.

I’m not one of those women that enjoy being pregnant, I’m not feeling confident, happy and in love with my body right now. If i’m 100% honest – I cannot wait to get my body back. I especially don’t enjoy not knowing how to dress to be comfortable and invisible – both of which I want to be all of the time (pregnant or not!) I don’t know how to cover a bump without looking like a tent.

As you can tell, I’m on the countdown…28 DAYS until I’m due. Hurry up, please!
PS if anybody has found the fast forward button I’d like to borrow it, thanks! 😉



Do they have the same Dad?!

So that’s an inappropriate question right??
If I had a pound for every time somebody had asked me if my kiddies had the same Dad I’d be living the life of luxury! Nobody seems to understand why I get a bit narked whenever I get asked. If they do, great! If they don’t, also great! What matters is that the kiddies are looked after and loved. I don’t feel like it’s okay for people to ask that question.

The answer to the question is yes, they all have the same Dad. So E is almost 6 and F has only just turned 1, so there is quite a gap, unfortunately it took us a long time to fall pregnant with F. Now we’re very pregnant with number 3, I get asked SO MUCH  if they all have the same Dad.. I work part time and Hubster works full time so I’m the one out and about with the kiddies most often and I feel like people see how young I am and assume I’m promiscuous and irresponsible which really upsets me.  I’m sure there are many other inappropriate questions us Mummies get asked, I’d love to know a few?

PS – Nobody seems to say congratulations now we’re on our 3rd baby…they just say good luck!!!


So I’m back..Surprise! (baby!)

If you follow me on Instagram (@jambo2805) you’ll see I’ve been very active and busy and posting regularly but I haven’t blogged in months. Not long after my last post we found out we were pregnant again. F was only 7 months old when we fell and I am now just over 31 weeks pregnant with a baby boy meaning there will be a 16 month age gap! It has taken both of us a very long time to come to terms with the news, we both did a lot of crying, arguing, shouting and blaming when we first found out. Let me just put it out there that we thought we were finished having kiddies after F, with each milestone, we threw away the previous baby bits.. Yes, we were trying to prevent pregnancy but obviously the universe had other ideas!
We have accepted it now although we are certainly not ready, emotionally or practically but I have started seeing a therapist to help me deal with my emotions a bit better and the new techniques and coping methods I’m learning are being passed on to the rest of my household in the hope that we can all pull together and enjoy this precious time.

So I wanted to say I’m sorry! I’m done hiding and I’m back (not that I was a ‘proper’ blogger yet anyway!!) Bring on this crazy, mad, busy journey, please join me and help me along the way.



Stamptastic Review.

Hiya guys! This will be my first review. I’m reviewing the Standard Name Stamp and Stamptastic Ink Pad  from http://www.stamptastic.co.uk/


I ordered on Sunday because as usual I left it last minute to label all of E’s clothes (he starts back tomorrow!) It arrived this morning and I’ve gone a bit stamp crazy since! Clothes, shoes, bottles…you name it!

Stamptastic is a small business run by 2 mums with 6 children between them and they know all too well that sewing all those labels into kids school clothes is a nightmare, it takes too long and most people like me leave it until the last minute/second and end up scribbling away in biro before the kids leave the house!
The stamptastic takes all the work and stress out of it completely, you customize the Name Stamp with your child’s first and last name (as long as it fits in the box) and if you’d like, a little picture too, I chose a star for E. The ink pad ,is long lasting (around 2000 stamps) although you should keep it in it’s plastic bag to ensure that and will stamp and stay on most fabrics, wood and some plastic too – yes it stamps to water bottles for school!
The Name Stamp is £10 including customization and the Ink Pad is £12. The delivery is free to mainland UK – BONUS! Who likes paying for delivery, right?!
So my verdict is – It’s FANATSTIC! Really fantastic, it’s so quick and easy, no sewing, no stabbing yourself with the needle whilst attempting to sew! I highly recommend it!
Maybe you’ve already sewn on all your labels for this year, but buy one now for next year or keep this in mind! Go and buy one!



Back To School!

So on Wednesday, E goes back to school, he starts in Year 1! He’s getting exited about it and I’m exited for him but of course there’s a part of me that still wants to pause and not let him go. I feel like his whole reception year flew by so quickly!

I’ve still got to label all of his school clothes, I’ve been putting off and putting it off in denial about how many days we have left of the holidays. We have 2 aims for Year 1, work really hard on reading and work really hard on writing. It’s not his favorite thing to do, anyone else’s kids the same?  He loves drawing and painting and having books read to him but not doing the work himself.

Wishing all the kiddies that go back anytime this week a fantastic first week back!



Looking for time!

So this Summer Holidays I’ve been searching for time to blog, I haven’t found any!
How do so many of you guys do it? I went back to work 3 weeks ago and haven’t found my work/home balance again yet. We’ve been so so so so busy, here’s jut a few things we’ve done: Drusillas, Madame Tussauds, Tilgate Park x2, Cinema, Bowling and Swimming as long as many shopping trips, our local parks, our local soft play area, bbq’s  and plenty of days out with friends and family! Here we are in Madame Tussauds!
14021450_10153917335304065_1033303603758587751_n (2).jpgE was ecstatic to ‘meet’ Mo Farah after watching him in the Olympics!

We’ve had a total of 2 lazy days in the last 6 weeks and on those days we’ve had unexpected visitors! We did manage to get a few precious moments alone! 14089234_10153916852014065_945098680652956108_n.jpg
On Wednesday E goes back to school and F is a total pro at napping now so I’m hoping to blog ASAP! Bare with……



Summer Holidays!

So we have been so busy already, I go back to work half way through the holidays so I’ve been making the most of every single day so far!
Our first week looked a little something like this:
Day 1: E at a friend’s house
Day 2: Fishers Farm with Nanny
Day 3: Food shop and McDonalds
Day 4: E and I at a friend’s house
Day 5: Visiting Great Nanny for roast dinner
Day 6: E’s friends birthday party
Day 7: Picnic at woods mill

Not a lazy day in sight!
Fishers farm was absolutely fantastic, I would really recommend it, prices were reasonable and there plenty of places for my Mum to sit down. There was so many things to do and the food tasted lovely. We saw some cows, horses, pigs, goats and rabbits. E also had a great time great time on the rides and in the play areas. We can’t wait to go back one day when Daddy can join us!
Our picnic at woods mill was lovely, very relaxing and calm, loads of running space for E and plenty of wildlife for us all to look at and try to get pictures of although we mainly took pictures of ourselves! We had a picnic on a bench while catching a few Pokemon and walked our little hearts out.

All in all we LOVED our first week!!