Summer Holidays!

So we have been so busy already, I go back to work half way through the holidays so I’ve been making the most of every single day so far!
Our first week looked a little something like this:
Day 1: E at a friend’s house
Day 2: Fishers Farm with Nanny
Day 3: Food shop and McDonalds
Day 4: E and I at a friend’s house
Day 5: Visiting Great Nanny for roast dinner
Day 6: E’s friends birthday party
Day 7: Picnic at woods mill

Not a lazy day in sight!
Fishers farm was absolutely fantastic, I would really recommend it, prices were reasonable and there plenty of places for my Mum to sit down. There was so many things to do and the food tasted lovely. We saw some cows, horses, pigs, goats and rabbits. E also had a great time great time on the rides and in the play areas. We can’t wait to go back one day when Daddy can join us!
Our picnic at woods mill was lovely, very relaxing and calm, loads of running space for E and plenty of wildlife for us all to look at and try to get pictures of although we mainly took pictures of ourselves! We had a picnic on a bench while catching a few Pokemon and walked our little hearts out.

All in all we LOVED our first week!!


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