Stamptastic Review.

Hiya guys! This will be my first review. I’m reviewing the Standard Name Stamp and Stamptastic Ink Pad  from


I ordered on Sunday because as usual I left it last minute to label all of E’s clothes (he starts back tomorrow!) It arrived this morning and I’ve gone a bit stamp crazy since! Clothes, shoes, bottles…you name it!

Stamptastic is a small business run by 2 mums with 6 children between them and they know all too well that sewing all those labels into kids school clothes is a nightmare, it takes too long and most people like me leave it until the last minute/second and end up scribbling away in biro before the kids leave the house!
The stamptastic takes all the work and stress out of it completely, you customize the Name Stamp with your child’s first and last name (as long as it fits in the box) and if you’d like, a little picture too, I chose a star for E. The ink pad ,is long lasting (around 2000 stamps) although you should keep it in it’s plastic bag to ensure that and will stamp and stay on most fabrics, wood and some plastic too – yes it stamps to water bottles for school!
The Name Stamp is £10 including customization and the Ink Pad is £12. The delivery is free to mainland UK – BONUS! Who likes paying for delivery, right?!
So my verdict is – It’s FANATSTIC! Really fantastic, it’s so quick and easy, no sewing, no stabbing yourself with the needle whilst attempting to sew! I highly recommend it!
Maybe you’ve already sewn on all your labels for this year, but buy one now for next year or keep this in mind! Go and buy one!



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