So I’m back..Surprise! (baby!)

If you follow me on Instagram (@jambo2805) you’ll see I’ve been very active and busy and posting regularly but I haven’t blogged in months. Not long after my last post we found out we were pregnant¬†again. F was only 7 months old when we fell and I am now just over 31 weeks pregnant with a baby boy meaning there will be a 16 month age gap! It has taken both of us a very long time to come to terms with the news, we both did a lot of crying, arguing, shouting and blaming when we first found out. Let me just put it out there that we thought we were finished having kiddies after F, with each milestone, we threw away the previous baby bits.. Yes, we were trying to prevent pregnancy but obviously the universe had other ideas!
We have accepted it now although we are certainly not ready, emotionally or practically but I have started seeing a therapist to help me deal with my emotions a bit better and the new techniques and coping methods I’m learning are being passed on to the rest of my household in the hope that we can all pull together and enjoy this precious time.

So I wanted to say I’m sorry! I’m done hiding and I’m back (not that I was a ‘proper’ blogger yet anyway!!) Bring on this crazy, mad, busy journey, please join me and help me along the way.