So if you read my first blog post introducing you all to my crazy household you’ll have seen that I like to use coupons to save money on my weekly shop and I like entering the odd competition or two to win things I can’t afford or just little extras for my family and I including tickets for days out.
I use &
to find my coupons. Some of these are for regular food items like pizzas and butter and others are other thing I regularly have in my trolley on my weekly shop like fabric conditioner, shampoo and feminine hygiene products. You can get some fantastic high value coupons that mean you get the product very cheap and sometimes even free – the best things in life are free right?! Even if it’s not free, every little helps!

As for competitions, I enter what I see. Sometimes on Facebook, Twitter and a few on Instagram. There’s no trick to it, I fill in the form, like and share, follow and retweet or enter on gleam or rafflecopter and hope for the best. I have entered a few that require a bit more effort like a picture of video and won a few things that way too, it’s good fun!
Some of my favorite wins are:

iPad mini 2
Fortnum and Mason hamper
Magimix food processor
Baby carrier
Years supply of mascara
Years supply of shower gel
Baby case
Teething necklace
Diggerland tickets
A craft hamper
BBC good food show tickets

Like I said, I enter what I can find. Always check terms and conditions (boring I know but some prizes are collect only or tickets can only be used on certain days etc!) Always follow the rules and always, always have fun with it!

Good luck if you enter any yourselves and have fun saving money with coupons!